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18-24 MONTHS

This is where things start to get messy. 18–24-month toddlers are where the fun really starts. This is when every drawer is being dumped out, children are wanting to be more independent, can name several objects and body parts, can stack and sort and can draw things like lines and dots. This is also when pretend play starts to bud, and emotions really begin to surface. Here are some activities to help with development and if you want to know more: Developmental milestones 18 to 24 months (

18-24 Months: Resources


Toddlers love to get messy. They want to be involved in whatever is going on. Making simple recipes with your toddler where they can help pour, mix, and dip their fingers in can help them feel important and have fun! Creating something that they can either play with or eat afterwards is always a bonus. For some ideas on what to make and more fun ideas go to: 15 Amazing Recipes for Toddlers - Mess for Less



Emotions are a tricky thing to learn for anyone-especially toddlers. Figuring out how they are feeling and learning how to distinguish how everyone else is feeling can be very frustrating. Help your toddler learn emotions as they are feeling them. Explain that when they are crying, they are sad and upset and it is okay to feel that way and then help them find ways to handle it such as breathing or taking a break. Explain to them when you are feeling angry or frustrated and express how to feel better. Talking about emotions helps them seem less scary and toddlers can learn how to express themselves appropriately. Here is a link to our emoji emotions chart to help you practice!



Toddlers love music. They love to sing and dance and jump. Using music to help them learn new things can be both engaging and very helpful. Many nursery rhymes teach counting, colors, and rhymes. If children have a song they can sing to remember their body parts, they may practice without even realizing it when the song is stuck in their head. Music makes learning fun. Join us for our upcoming "Mommy and Me Music Time" online or if you have missed it, watch the link in our tutorials



You now have a full-blown toddler. They can walk, climb, and empty pretty much every drawer. As a mother this can be so frustrating! You clean all day and at the end of the day it looks even worse than when you started cleaning. There is no quick fix and there are only so many things you can baby proof and still stay sane. This is the time to learn to let the little things go and remember that your little one will only be little for a short time. Here is an article about Finding Joy in the Journey: Finding Joy in the Journey ( 

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