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Between the ages of two and four children make huge developmental strides! This is a really exciting (and sometimes challenging) time. There are so many things going on from potty training to running to speaking in full sentences with thousands of words and becoming more independent. These activities can be great for any of these ages and will help children build on what they already know. For more info on this age group go to this website: Toddler Growth & Development | NorthShore 

2-4 Years: Resources


Dress up and pretend play help imaginations soar! Giving children opportunity to play pretend and dress up with play food, costumes, kitchen utensils, or any other item can help them think of different scenarios and even learn new vocabulary. To add even more fun, you can use paper to draw plates, cups, forks, and food and have children cut them out, color them, and use them for their pretend play to serve you dinner.

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Art is a magical thing. It can help children with self-discovery, emotional control, and fine motor skills (skills that require the movement of small muscles like fingers). There are so many different art activities to do with toddlers! One thing I have learned about art is there is no right way to do it. Children learn the most when they are given the ability to create. It's not about product, it's about the process. Here are some fun activities that can be done with your toddler: 12 Easy Crafts for Toddlers - My Bored Toddler Easy and lots of fun! 



Gross motor skills are skills that use large muscles. These include jumping, climbing, running, and dancing. Many children do not get the exercise they need at this age which is why these activities are so important. Parks can help with many of these skills. Letting children climb up and down and slide will help their little muscles grow stronger. If parks are not available, or you would prefer to stay in, you can make your own playground! Placing couch cushions on the floor in a pile with pillows and blankets can encourage children to climb and jump and increase their gross motor skills.



Now that many children this age are no longer napping it is important to find quiet activities to help toddlers find balance and have enough energy for the day. Things like threading beads, coloring, reading, or listening to quiet music can help toddlers take a break and recharge for the rest of the day. Here are some of my favorite quiet time activities: Quiet Time Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers - Toddler Approved

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