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They may be small, but newborns come ready to learn! It is never too early to help a child grow and learn from you and the things around them. Newborns can do very little by themselves, but they are ready to begin learning right from the start! They can now see short distances, hear sounds, feel textures, and cry... a lot. They also have no idea what the difference between night and day is, so everyone is going to have to get used to the new night owl in the house!

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A Walk in the Park

As soon as a child is born they see, hear, smell, and feel everything around them, and everything is new! A walk outside can help them see new colors like the sky, feel new things like the breeze, hear new sounds like children playing, and maybe even smell a BBQ! Fresh air also helps lessen anxiety and stress which is great for a new mama! This is a picture of me taking a walk with my one week old twins. I had a C-Section so we only made it about a block because of how bad it hurt, but it was nice to get out.


Tummy Time

Some people may be unsure about starting tummy time so early, but it is perfectly safe to do with newborns.  Tummy time is one of the best ways to help prevent flat spots on a babies head and help their neck and shoulder muscles develop. As long as baby is awake and someone is watching, tummy time is a great activity from day one. 

Here is a website about safe sleep and tummy time for infants!

Babies Need Tummy Time! | Safe to Sleep (


Picture Play

Grab a camera and doll-up your little one. New hats, clothes, shoes, and anything else you want to add will help a newborn feel different sensations and textures. Talking to them and explaining what you are doing will also help with language development as they hear new sounds and words. All of the interact


Meet Someone New

Everyone loves to snuggle new babies. Meeting new people helps babies socialize, see new features (such as glasses, hats, etc.), and hear new voices which helps their brains develop. Being cautious with newborns, however, is always important (especially post COVID-19). Always have anyone that wants to hold them wash their hands and do not allow others to kiss newborns to keep everyone safe and healthy!

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