Acknowledging Positive Behaviors to Reinforce Them

Updated: Mar 31

We all need a little more positivity in our lives. Whether we are two years old, or thirty two years old. Positivity allows us to have better moods and more motivation. No matter what we are doing, it is not a secret that we are more effective when we are more positive and optimistic. It may seem very simple, but it's something that we don't always remember.


I like to think that my tiny human enjoys being in control of his own life the same way that I enjoy being in control of mine. If I went to a day of work and my boss was constantly micromanaging everything I was doing, telling me the way I did something was wrong, and saying no to all of my suggestions, I can't imagine feeling satisfied and wanting to continue to work there. Even if I make mistakes, like any other human, it never feels good to have someone else constantly point them out and shame me for them. Without even recognizing it, parents unconsciously do the same thing to their kids. I'm sad to say that there are many days where I am constantly pointing out a spill and how annoying it is that I have to clean it up. I'm quick to notice the toy that got left out, or when he's being too loud and interrupting conversations. I feel like I have to get upset with him when he isn't sharing with other children, or if he is throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery store. Maybe all the negativity that I feel comes from societal pressure to be a perfect parent. Because after all, it's my job to teach him correct behaviors.

Perhaps a better teaching strategy would come from modeling and reinforcing good behaviors for him rather than always just co