Finding Activities that Encourage Development

I'm sure that as moms we have all worried about, or at least considered the rate at which our child is developing. If anyone out there is like me, they have wondered if they are doing enough of the right things to help their child to develop appropriately. It wasn't until intensely studying the subject of child development in college level classes that I felt more confident in my ability to find activities to do with my child that encourage development in the best ways. Even if you aren't necessarily concerned about your child's development, sometimes a new activity to get you through the next hour can be a lifesaver in the busy and long day of a mother.


It's important to understand the different areas of development that children go through in order to come up with activities that will encourage that development. While it is easy to identify many areas, I have narrowed the list down into 4 important ones that moms can focus on with their child. It's at least a good place to start! I will discuss these four areas in more depth and provide a small list of activities that will help you begin to think of more. Some examples mentioned may seem very simple, but sometimes we forget that our activities together don't have to be extravagant in order to be effective. As long as we recognize the need for a variety of activities and put in the effort to make every day count. It's also very important to remember that every child develops differently and although we can encourage development in certain areas, sometimes we have to let certain expectations of where we "think they should be" go, in order to enjoy where they are.

(Since I have a toddler most examples will include toddler age appropriate activities, however if you have a child of a different age we have more ideas and resources available for you!)